Meeting notes by hand


I like taking notes. But I don't take them as much as I liked. It's like the quote - "Our actual selves are more often than not, a let down from our perfect imaginations." or something like that.

But I do make it a point to take my pen in my hand as I click on the zoom link to join a call. Even if I am not expecting to take any notes.

How do I take notes from meetings?

Why the inclination to use the traditional (or as some would say archaic) method of taking notes by hand?

I use/have used notetaking apps of all different shapes and sizes. IA writer had the best writing experience. Obsidian was the most free-flowing/non-restrictive. Notion is great for tasks/projects or making plans. Apple notes for basically, short draft notes that need to be easily accessible. I have used them all. And with the exception of IA writer from the list above, I still use pretty much all of them daily.

But, I also feel ridiculously slow while typing for some reason. That may not be entirely true but I still feel that while taking quick notes there is no substitute for a pen and a notebook.

More Importantly, I know I have the liberty to take messy notes on paper. Paper allows for that, maybe encourages it too. When I take notes on any app, the app defines my process, which sometimes helps, sometimes hinders.

So, when I am not sure what kind of notes I want to take or even if the note will be useful later on, I tend to skew towards taking notes by hand.

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