Why not be a product manager

Sun 1 Aug, 2021
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I hope this does not read like a rant. It did start that way but I maybe have it in control now 😅.

I was recently interviewing a few beta users for my side project (More on the side-project later probably). A couple of the people agreed to test the app only because they were interested in learning from me what it is to be a "Product Manager".

I have seen so many people who have not even started their career wanting tips from me on how to enter product management space.

I understand product management can look very cool from the outside. Maybe I am doing it wrong but there is nothing cool about being a product manager. I am not saying that to discourage you from taking this field. But maybe this is my way of saying, walk into product management with your eyes wide open.

When you are a product manager, you are not da-vinci - creating cool new inventions/features everyday.

You are more like a operator who is desperately trying to ensure that your ship sails perfectly and that the entire crew knows what their role is, what the rest of the team is doing, what needs to be done, how far we are, are we even in the right direction? Sigh.

You are under a lot of pressure and more often than not, do not have a lot of actual leverage. You are trying to influence without having a lot of power.

That is the role of a product manager.

And if you are anything like me, you will probably also have to face a lot of imposter syndrome.

If you want to read more you can read this post by Manas Saloi.

Borrowing lines from Manas -

Being a PM sucks. It is a thankless job.

la fin :)