• # Tiny Tea Kettle - Not active :(
    • Tea company
    • Nothing to add as of now. Dad got pretty excited about this one though.
  • # SuperDMs - Not active :(
    • Tool to automate stuff on twitter
    • First internet money :)
    • First team project too, made good friends :)
    • Proper SaaS tool where I wrote code alongside an experienced dev, so I am proud of this one
    • Initially created to fight my own imposter syndrome. Better Product Manager has been featured on Product Hunt and gets 1000+ visitors each month
    • Loved working on this one, was my first project which got over a 5000 views
    • Finalist for 'Side-project product of the year' at Product Hunt.
  • # How many BMWs - Not updated
    • Created a fun application to show the trend of rising tech salaries in India, using a BMW bikes.
    • #5 product of the day at Product Hunt
    • A few of the people I follow on twitter retweeted this, so that made my day :)
  • # Particypants - Not active
    • Slack application that helps teams take meeting notes.
    • First tech intensive product, played with Slack APIs and learned a lot about them in the process
    • Conducted usability tests on the MVP with ~10 teams, the product was not sticky enough so like a good product manager, decided to kill it :(
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