Sun 5 Jun, 2022
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Start Date: 4/06/2022
End Date: 18/06/2022

I have completed quite a few sprints this year, but this is my first public sprint.
Also, i am trying to experiment should I start the sprints on Sunday (as I've traditionally did) or on some other day. Like Saturday or Wednesday.

Goals for this Sprint


  • [x] Go to Gym 8 times (recently joined cult so trying to form a habit)

  • [x] Eat salads for Dinner at least 10 times (Moved to Bangalore so will have to re-start my dinner-salad eating habit)


  • [x] Finish PRD for [Secret work project]
  • [x] Get 3 [Secret work documents] reviewed
  • [x] Complete atleast the 8 one-on-ones with people from other division


  • [ ] Get clients for a cold warehousing project I am working on
  • [x] Run google ads for a tea brand I want to launch (Yet to figure out the name + domain 😅)

Learn + Creativity

  • [x] Finish 25% of the book - Heads you win (Started it yesterday)
  • [x] Optional - Paint something for the room wall
la fin :)