Sun 17 Jul, 2022
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Start Date: 17/07/2022
End Date: 30/07/2022

There has been quite some gap between my last sprint and this. Hope that this doesn't happen again.
Also, i am trying to experiment should I start the sprints on Sunday (as I've traditionally did) or on some other day. Like Saturday or Wednesday.

Goals for this Sprint


  • [ ] To 50 pushups a day - I am in mumbai these two weeks, will get difficult to stay active without going to gym (Could not complete this even once)
  • [ ] Eat better food - going out leads to increase in calories (Lol this was a slight failure)
  • [ ] Create a better process to stick with these sprints (Need to be better)


  • [x] Finish the PRDs highlighted in the todo list
  • [ ] Think about this - how can I make an out-sized impact in my job


  • [ ] Get 100 visits to tiny tea kettle page (Got 25)
  • [ ] Get clients for a cold warehousing project I am working on (Long running project) (Closing this now)

Learn + Creativity

  • Nothing for these two weeks. Reading in mumbai may not be possible
la fin :)