What Paras Chopra taught me

Tue 20 Apr, 2021
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Sorry for the slightly click-bait-y title.

This story started a few months ago with this tweet - The question

I asked the following question on our Inverted Passion slack group.

Inverted Passion is a community created by Paras Chopra. The slack channel is usually buzzing with the questions, mentioned in the tweet above. I also like reading the mental models shared by Paras, have been reading them for more than a couple of years I think.

Paras’s Reply

Writing is thinking.

This message is my phone wallpaper.

Paras’s message went like a flashbulb in my brain. I knew I think better when I write. But Writing was never a deliberate practice for me to improve my professional skills.

Now, I am trying to start my days with a daily note dump. This is to kick-start the writing process for the day. I write about my tasks, my motivation levels or some new thing I’ve discovered.

As the day progresses, whenever I have to make a decision, I write. Whenever I am preparing for a meeting or thinking about a product feature. I try to put it on paper.

Useful app suggestion: Obsidian (for unstructured note-taking).

thanks for reading :) ❤️