Wrong loudly, than being right silently

Sun 12 May, 2024
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This was by far my biggest learning till now as a PM at Razorpay. What my leaders sometimes call being "aggressive" or "loud". I think it is about being noticeable not in a selfish way but noticeable so that you can influence better.

Being able to influence is what differentiates a great and good PM in my book. But to influence well, the prerequisites are

  1. Good communication skills both written and verbal, which honestly is table stakes for a product manager
  2. Having strong conviction

The second is the key and it is not easy. I realised, I cannot be "loud" or "aggressive" if I do not have enough conviction in what I am building/doing/managing.

Having a strong conviction means doing my homework well. Exploring the market, reading research docs, talking to customers, doing small experiments, and having wins under my belt, all help in having conviction.

Once I have this, convincing and influencing should be a lot easier.

And products fail and I will be proven wrong. Yet, at this point I want to fail after having done all the convincing and after being "loud", rather than being someone who does the small things right silently.

Choose being wrong loudly, than being right silently.

la fin :)