Feedback session, get better with strategy.

Tue 5 Dec, 2023
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I had my review where the clear improvement area that was marked for me was that I should be more strategic.

First of all, it feels like a gut punch when you get a feedback like that because in my head I kept thinking, so they see me as a mule, who can take the load to a direction pointed to but not choose the direction. Fair enough. I should REALLLY work on this. The problem is - I have no clue whatsoever this "being more strategic" means. But I should, don't want to stay a mule.

Fortunately as I was wrestling with this problem, I found this blog post from my reading list. Same problems being faced by other PMs gives me solace.

I've identified these root causes in my workflow which might cause this

  • I genuinely never sit and write down the strategy for my charter
    • primarily because my charter keeps changing 🥲
    • but also because I "implicitly" know what needs to be done. It probably sounded like a good thing, but is not. Implicit means I might be delusion-ed into thinking that their is a plan while there is not
  • I also don't actually work on my craft anymore
    • I've stopped reading blogs or articles or books on product management. Probably because I found the ideas very generic. Sigh.
    • But maybe because I don't know what I am looking to improve. So this one is on me too. 🙈
  • I don't ask questions or more specifically don't question people of authority
    • This is a personality quirk I need to fix.

How do I act on a this?

  1. Create a charter doc, create a north star, plan OKRs. Basically be better at documentation (In many ways this blog is part of this exercise)
  2. Read more books on product management, read on fintech in general also
    • Slightly difficult to achieve. But I have a starting point.
    • I am part of a few communities, will ask for book recos.
  3. F--k--g think like a head of product. What will Manas Saloi do? Although I don't know him, good heuristic to follow.
  • [ ] Will check back on an update on this in a couple of weeks' time 📅 2023-12-20
thanks for reading :) ❤️